Reward Flying Trip Reports on Qantas

The Spirit of Australia, Qantas, recognized worldwide by their red kangaroo logo, is the airline with the most flights everyday from North America to down under. As Oneworld member and with American Airlines providing codesharing flights to the gateway cities, the beautiful country of Australia is a reality for Reward Flying.

General Information

 courtesy Great Circle Mapper

courtesy Great Circle Mapper

Qantas Premium Class

First Class

Qantas offers first class on their A380 flights to North America. (Qantas also has two 747-400 aircraft with a first cabin.) Their luxurious first class suites are spacious and provide a high level of comfort. The 22 inch wide seat folds out fully flat and extra wide for sleeping comfort. A full bedding service consists of a sheepskin mattress, pillows, blankets and a duvet. The bed is 83 inches long on a A380 and 79 inches on a 747.

An extensive variety of movies, TV shows, games and route maps are available. On an A380 the entertainments system is viewed on a 17 inch touchscreen monitor and 10.4 inch touchscreen on the 747. In either aircraft you get noise cancelling headphones.

Business Class


On International flights, Qantas 747 and A380 aircraft are equipped with their award-winning Skybed. Designed like a cocoon, it offers privacy as well as a full length 78 inch bed with mattress, duvet and pillow. Entertainment is shown on a 12.1 inch touch screen monitor and noise cancelling headphones are provided as well. Configuration is 2x3x2 on 747's with the upper deck 2x2 and on A380s the layout is 2x2x2.


On most international A330 aircraft Qantas has installed their new business class product. The Thompson designed Vantage XL features 1x2x1 configuration. This attractive product is lie flat and apparently can be in partial recline on takeoff and landing. Pending regulatory approval the innovation that allows the recline to 150 degrees is an over the shoulder seat belt. Once airborne the seat can fully recline to 180 degrees. The domestic version seats are leather while the international version is cloth. International seats have a fitted mattress pad.

These aircraft also have a new Panasonic eX3 entertainment system which is the choice of Singapore Airlines on the new A350, EVA Air on their new 777 aircraft and Air Canada on the 787 among others. The system supports high definition as well as 3D for those who want to play games.

A330 aircraft are deployed on Asian routes and long inter-Australia routes such as Sydney - Perth. 

Qantas Aircraft and Seat Allotments

A330-200 (3 aircraft): Business36 / Economy 199

A330-300 (2 aircraft): Business 30 / Economy 267 (Old business class seat)
A300-300 (8 aircraft): Business 28 / Economy 269 (New business class seat)

A380 (12 aircraft): First 14 / Business 64 / Premium Economy 35 / Economy 371

747-400 (2 aircraft): First 14 / Business 52(24 upper deck) / Premium Economy 32 / Economy 255
747-400 (3 aircraft): Business 58 (18 upper deck) / Premium Economy 36 / Economy 270
747-400ER (6 aircraft): Business 58 (18 upper deck) / Premium Economy 36 / Economy 270

Note: Qantas 747 aircraft deployed to North American do not have first class.

images courtesy of Qantas, Airbus, Boeing

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