Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific is one of the elite airlines flying today. They consistently rank at the top of all categories, including comfort, service, amenities, safety, basically everything you can be applauded for, Cathay is in contention. A recent addition to their collection was the award for best transpacific carrier by Skytrax. Even better for Reward Flying, as a member of Oneworld, they frequently make premium award travel available from North America to Hong Kong and beyond with great connections from American Airlines. 

General Information

ratings courtesy Skytrax and JACDEC
courtesy Great Circle Mapper

courtesy Great Circle Mapper

Cathay Pacific Premium Class

First Class

First Class flying with Cathay Pacific is the epitome of luxury travel. Greeted by name on arrival, never left wanting for anything, delicious food and one of the widest seats in the sky are part of the Cathay Pacific first class experience. Reward Flying can make this a reality for anyone. Reward Flying has first hand experience, having spent a wonderful 14 hours one day in this very seat. See the review link below.

Business Class

Cathay Pacific has upgraded its Business Class product choosing a customized Zodiac Cirrus Aero lie flat seat in all their long haul aircraft except the A340s, which are being phased out. The seat is a winner. Comfortable for long flights with 20.2 inches of width and when extended for lie flat, a generous 75 inches of usable length plus an impressive 27 inches of width when the armrest is retracted. Combine this with their personalized service as well as excellent food and extensive inflight entertainment, business class on Cathay is a treat. 

New Business Class

A350 Business Class

Cathay Pacific has received their new Airbus A350-900 aircraft with a slightly modified version of their popular Cirrus business class seat. Currently the A350 configuration is 38 seats in a 1x2x1 layout.

Regional Business Class

A340 Business Class

Hong Kong Airport Premium Lounges

As one would expect from a world class airline their ground services are equally impressive. In Hong Kong, Cathay Pacific offers a number of first and business class lounges including, The Pier and The Wing. Here is a great review of The Pier First Class Lounge

Cathay Pacific Aircraft Configurations and Business Class Seat Specifications

Cathay Pacific is in the process of upgrading their fleet with the new Airbus A350, ordering both variants. In April 2016 the first of of twenty-two A350-900 aircraft is due to be delivered. Orders for the 1000 variant total 26 examples. A long time 747 operator most remaining whales are used for cargo. The 3 remaining passenger 747's are used regionally and will be retired by the end of 2016. The long haul workhorse of Cathay's fleet is the 777. One variant, the 77H four class, is the only aircraft Cathay Pacific's world renowned first class service is available on.  

A330:  5 variants, 3 regional and 2 international. Two of the regional  aircraft have standard reclining business class seats, while the third regional configuration has the modified Zodiac Cirrus business class flat bed seat installed as do all the international aircraft.
Regional (33Z): 2-Class; Business 42 / Economy 265 - standard business class seat
Regional (33P): 2-Class; Business 24 / Economy 293 - standard business class seat
Regional (33P): 2-Class; Business 39 / Economy 223 - new flat bed business class seat
International (33G): Business  39 / Premium 28 / Economy 175 (has 4 rows premium economy)
International (33K): Business 39 / Premium 21 / Economy 191 (has 3 rows premium economy)

A340: Only a few of these aircraft remain. They are fitted with a different flat bed business class seat, shown above. While the new business class seat angles toward the window, this business class seat angles toward the aisle. 
International (34J): 3-Class; Business 26/Premium Economy 28 / Economy 211

A350: Coming in 2016

B777: Both 200 and 300 series are in the fleet. The 200 series is used regionally while the 4-class 300 variant is the primary international aircraft. Regional aircraft have a standard reclining business class seat while the international aircraft have the new business class flat bed Cirrus seat. 
200: Regional (772/77Z): 2-Class; Business 42 / Economy 293
300: Regional (773/73Z): 2-Class; Business 42 / Economy 356 (Reviewed by RF)
300: International (77W/77G): 3 Class; Business 40 / Premium Economy 32 / Economy 268
300: International (77W/77H): 4 Class; First 6 / Business 53 / Premium Economy 34 / Economy 182 (Reviewed by RF)

courtesy seatguru

courtesy seatguru


photos courtesy Cathay Pacific, Boeing

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