NRT Japan Airlines First Class Lounge

JLNRTFCL Cover.jpg

On a prior first class JAL ticket transiting overnight through Narita I was denied entrance to the first class lounge because the second flight was in business class. This trip was the same first/business class transit except the transit was the same day. I was allowed to enter. 

After seeing both the first class and business class sides in the main terminal, I'd probably return to the business side as it has some better features. 

After 13 hours in JAL's pj's it was off to the shower. There was no wait. Come to think of it, I had to wait and hour for a shower in the business lounge last year. But for sure this first class side has smaller shower rooms. Instead of being escorted back to the room I was given a key. There were 4 shower rooms that I could see.


JLNRTFCL Shower 2.jpg
JLNRTFCL Shower 3.jpg
JLNRTFCL Shower 4.jpg

It certainly was an awesome shower featuring a rain shower head along with body sprays. 

For comparison purposes the Sakura business class lounge.

The lounge is primarily fitted with oversized lounge chairs that are very comfortable. 

JLNRTFCL Room 2.jpg

Similar to the business side lounge full length windows offer nice tarmac views. However the business class lounge is downstairs while this lounge is on the entry level. My arrival plane being prepped to fly back across the Pacific to LA.

Along the side opposite the windows are massage chair rooms (presumably this is where the free massages took place prior to them being discontinued earlier in 2017).

Secluded workstations are available as well in the Business Corner.

JLNRTFCL Room - Work 1.jpg
JLNRTFCL Room - Work 2.jpg

And what is becoming more rare in lounges these days. 

JLNRTFCL Room - Smoking.jpg

I didn't see any sleep rooms or private nap areas. 

While all this for the most part is very nice, the disappointment came with the food offerings. Tucked back in a corner was a small buffett. I couldn't take a photo as it was basically a hallway with a counter. And it was crowded with people moving between stations. Not that there were many items to choose from. This was pretty much it.

Self serve beverage and beer stations along with a limited amount of alcohol rounded out the self serve items.

A sake bar and sushi station were also available. They had 4 selections; salmon, tuna and some other nigiri along with a slice of tomago which is like a small egg omelette. You were limited to 3. 

I didn't sample any of the food. Frankly none of it looked appealing. The business side lounge has a full buffett and dining area. Overall it was difficult to distinguish between the first class lounge and business class lounge offerings. 

It was as comfortable lounge but from an amenity standpoint didn't live up to other Asian first class lounges like Cathay, Thai or Singapore. Not even close. In fact the American Airlines Flagship lounge had far better food offerings than this lounge. And come to think of it, JAL's lounge was similar to ANA's first class lounge in Narita as well.