Frequent Flyer Reward Programs

Twenty-one frequent flyer programs have been thoroughly analyzed. A detailed written account for each program summarizing the pertinent information for easy reference is available by clicking on the program's logo below. These programs were selected based on the ability to earn points from at least two different sources other than flying on the airline. Many of these programs have branded credit cards. The ones that don't have a card have at least two transfer partners. In addition most programs have other means for transferring and/or collecting points which is described as well. 

A general outline for summarization of each program is as follows:

  • Positives and negatives
  • Redemption charts for main carrier as well as any partners that apply
  • Applicable charges to reward tickets including change and cancel fees
  • Routing rules for reward ticketing
  • Reward searching as well as work arounds for search issues
  • Reward value redemptions or sweet spots within the program
  • Upgrades and a comparison to an outright purchase or reward ticket
  • How to earn points for the program
  • Summary of program



Star Alliance

Independent and Partners