Singapore Airlines A380 New First Class Suites HKG-SIN

What a disappointment.

SQ861 Cover.jpg

How could anyone be disappointed with that incredible seat on an airplane? Maybe disappointment isn’t the right word. This reaction could have simply resulted from the a long anticipation for the experience and the ensuing letdown. Probably missed opportunity would be a better description of my opinion of Singapore Airlines new Suites class.

But first it’s time to visit SQ’s Hong Kong First Class lounge. Cathay Pacific, you have nothing to worry about. On my way to the lounge… I know Europeans don’t like ice in their drinks but hot?

SQ861 Boarding 1.jpg

A Singapore Airlines agent met me at the jetway and escorted me to the combined Singapore First and Business class lounge which was across the hall from our arrival gate.

First Class left, Business Class right.

None of the above.


SQ861 Lounge 12.jpg

The First Class bar.

First Class dining.

SQ861 Lounge 5.jpg

I saw the sign on the wall, it said First Class.

SQ861 Lounge 1.jpg

I know, given the circumstances I’m lucky to even be in Hong Kong. It wasn’t too soon to go to the gate.

SQ861 Boarding 2.jpg

Anticipation time!

Wow, shades of Etihad!

Heading over to my private study.

SQ861 Cabin 0.jpg


SQ861 Seat 1B.jpg
SQ861 Seat 1C.jpg
SQ861 Seat 1D.jpg

It’s gorgeous, so what’s the problem rewardflying? Let me offer a 360 degree view of disappointments, err, missed opportunities.

The tour begins with the seat control. You can turn your seat to face the large TV, the bed or the window which you can’t see out of because it’s too far away.

SQ861 Seat 2.jpg

This is the seat position in take off and landing position. Notice the controls for power and headsets, behind you.

SQ861 Seat 3.jpg

This is looking forward from the takeoff/landing position. Good luck reaching any of this stuff. I don’t know if this suite was broken, but if I wanted to watch the little TV in this view, I had to ask the FA to turn it on, or switch between the large and small monitors.

SQ861 Seat 4.jpg

So you’re cruising along at 38,000 feet and it’s bumpy requiring the seat belt sign to be on and you want to read a magazine or need the barf bag. Sorry, can’t reach them.

SQ861 Seat 4A.jpg

The tray table is stored in this colossal waste of space.

Wait, I could put my menu there, but I can’t reach it while buckled in.

SQ861 Seat 5B.jpg

This is totally unreachable.

SQ861 Seat 5C.jpg

A lamp to? Purpose?

SQ861 Seat 5D.jpg

Extra coat hook, I think. Actually I’m not sure what this is. If it is a coat hook what about the 2 coat hangers in the closet across from it?

SQ861 Seat 5E.jpg

Well documented is eating with your neighbor. And the FA hadn’t had time to switch my TV monitor.

SQ861 Seat 6A.jpg

Privacy with the door closed allowing the FAs to view inside.

SQ861 Seat 6B.jpg

Similar to many first class suites like Etihad and Asiana to name a couple, is a full length closet to hang your clothes. There is also a mirror in case you get dressed in the aisle.

A huge monitor is behind you and only on when the FA turned it on (in my case).

Swiveling towards the window I have no clue what this for. Sure there is a support for the bed, but the tray?

Controls for everything, which you have to swivel the seat to get to because you can’t reach them in takeoff/landing position.

SQ861 Seat 10A.jpg

Thank you for the champagne and nuts, I wish I didn’t have to swivel around (and not see any monitor) to enjoy these. Or I could reach back with my arm and knock the champagne over with my elbow trying to reach the nuts.

Next to the chair is this 3 compartment storage with a lit mirror in the middle. Not that you can put your head down to that level to see anything. And mine wouldn’t close. As you can see it’s not lined up with the other two compartment lids. In fact the casing was cracked.

Between the seat and the storage compartment is this useless area that presumably could have been for a laptop bag (way too small) but might work for a small purse.

SQ861 Seat 11B.jpg

Seat belt sign up in the corner.

Here are the electronics, including a NFC reader.

SQ861 Seat 13A.jpg

This is where they are located, behind your elbows when seated facing forward. I had the headphones plugged in and when I swirled the seat the cord came up and wrapped around my neck.

Granted, the Suite is exquisite, certainly beyond any airplane seats I’ve ever seen. The colors blend beautifully, the wall coverings are classy with meticulous design, the carpet is lush and the chair is very comfortable. But the Suite is so poorly designed and has so much wasted space I can’t image how it got approved. There is a saying, “Form follows Function.” Not so much here.

Yet it’s still Singapore Airlines and it’s still an A380, so let’s move on to some of the highlights from this flight. The grand staircase, that really never gets used on any A380.

SQ861 Cabin 2.jpg

And whoever designed the washrooms should have designed the suites because the lavs in First Class are like being at a 5-star resort.

SQ861 Lav 1.jpg
SQ861 Lav 3.jpg
SQ861 Lav 4.jpg
SQ861 Lav 5.jpg

The new Bang and Olufsen headphones are nice, although I prefer Bose for comfort. No amenity kit in First Class but I received one in Business Class on the way in. Strange…

Champagnes and Wines on this flight.

All better now.

SQ861 Food 1.jpg

The food menus for this short dinner flight. As a note: I wasn’t able to Book the Cook out of Shanghai because BTC isn’t available from PVG, which was surprising to me given PVG is a premium SQ route.

I am not familiar with Shanghainese cuisine. The name has obvious hints to its origin. Not to disparage because of my unfamiliarity, when reading these course descriptions, I just didn’t get a mouth watering feeling from this menu.

SQ861 Menu Food 1.jpg

The Western Menu for this flight.

The Haddock and apple salad was nondescript , similar to the garlic bread without much garlic.

SQ861 Food 2A.jpg
SQ861 Food 2B.jpg

On the other hand, the tomato soup was decadent. A savory, hearty, lick the bowl soup that screamed for a toasted cheese sandwich. But cast the prawn overboard.

SQ861 Food 4A.jpg

While the cauliflower custard was good, forget healthy, CHEESE!

Gotta love the special soup spoon.

SQ861 Food 4C.jpg

The salad was also excellent, the photo reflects the freshness of its ingredients.

SQ861 Food 3A.jpg
SQ861 Food 3C.jpg

A beef tenderloin is always in best company with a favorite Margaux.

SQ861 Food 5.jpg
SQ861 Food 6A.jpg
SQ861 Food 6B.jpg

I passed on cheese and was surprised that dessert was simply ice cream.

SQ861 Flight Path.jpg

Carrier: Singapore Airlines
Date: November 2018
Route: Hong Kong - Singapore
Flight #: 861
Aircraft: Airbus A380 Reg: 9V-SKU
Configuration: F6/ J78 / W44 / Y343
Seat(s): 1A
On Time: Yes

Reward Flying Rating: 7.8 out of 10 ✈

✔︎The first class section on the new A380 is stunning. Words can’t accurately describe.

Seat Comfort:
✔︎Very comfortable seat, it’s the rest of the Suite that’s poorly designed.

Cabin/Seats Rating: 6.5 out of 10 ✈

✔︎None on this flight

Meals: Presentation:
✔︎Multi course presentation with renowned Singapore Airlines flair.

Meals: Quality:
✔︎The food was for the most part excellent, and of course the Champagne and Wines are impressive.

Amenity/Food rating: 8 out of 10 ✈

✔︎ The monitors are an improvement over the older A380’s. But the dual monitors switched only by a FA does'’t make sense. They still didn’t get the A380 cameras on these new A380s.
✔︎ No WiFi

IFE rating: 7.5 out of 10 ✈

Flight Attendants:
✔︎As always an excellent crew. Singapore Airlines actually compensated me for the broken mirror.

Flight Attendant rating: 8 out of 10 ✈

✔︎A380. New A380, what’s not to like?
Aircraft rating: 9 out of 10 ✈