What is a custom strategy? 

A specific plan of attack molded from your travel ideas and objectives by an experienced Reward Flyer (me). Call me coach. My goal is to get  you optimum results rapidly. You get the strategy to achieve your objective in the fastest time frame possible. Then you simply execute and head to the airport.

Maybe you:

  • Have some points and want options to get the best value when redeeming them?

  • Want to get creative and visit multiple cities getting maximum value for your points?

  • Have accumulated reward points in multiple programs and want to consolidate them effectively?

  • Are looking at a long term plan, like traveling around the world seeing multiple cities while flying the best classes of service on the best carriers?

  • Would like independent verification that your current strategy is giving you the best reward value possible?

  • Have a creative but unusual itinerary and simply want to make it happen?

Strategy globe.jpeg

Inquire about a custom strategy. Simply click the button, complete the form and submit it. We will get back you you with a quote for your custom strategy. There is absolutely no obligation on your behalf once you submit the form.