Reward Ticketing

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Getting the best value for your reward points and/or your dollars can be a daunting and time consuming task, even if you have the proper tools which most don't. You can trust Reward Flying will find the best reward available that fulfills your travel objective while getting you top redemption value for your points. I begin with understanding your travel objective and existing points budget to doing the reward search and finally ticketing your reward, including helping with any point transfer that may be necessary. And you are kept informed every step of the way. Let's fly. 

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Testimonial from Rich K., ATL: Working with Mark has been a pleasure, to say the least!  I have never seen anyone respond to questions or request so quickly!  I have planned two trips with Mark, the first trip over to Indonesia, he saved me nearly $13,000 per person on round-trip business class airfare by finding the best use of my miles and hotel points.  When I first notified him about my second trip to Europe, the flight options were limited, but he monitored the options and notified me as soon as a good value became available.  He was able to save me about 30,000pp miles that way.  I would recommend Mark to anyone that does not want or have the time to learn the nuances of mileage redemptions and just let an expert manage it, he saved me a bunch of time and money!  Thanks Mark!

Reward Ticketing Pricing

Help when things have gone awry

  • Out of Patience fee: $100
    If you have already found your itinerary but are having trouble booking it, I can intervene and get the reward booked for you. This fee is one time for all passengers.

  • Original Plan Failed Fee: $75
    Have a reward ticket booked but need to make some changes? I know all the rules and tricks to getting your reward changed and will make every effort to get this done at no cost to you from the airline. 

  • Monitoring for Change Fee: $50
    Maybe you wanted a different route or aircraft but settled for what was available at the time. I can monitor daily for the desired changes you wish to make. The change fee covers your requested change, either aircraft or date/time until original departure of your reward ticket. You can request multiple monitors for a custom fee.

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Let's get started

  • First Passenger $165  
    This fee covers a single reward ticket following the selected program's policies for routing including layovers and stopover for a single passenger either one-way or round-trip. If multiple tickets are required to complete the intended journey, additional fees will apply. Once you have paid this fee you will receive one model airplane of your choice.

  • Second Passenger $75 
    This fees covers a second passenger on the same itinerary as the first passenger. However if multiple tickets are needed for the first passenger this single fee will cover the entire journey for the second passenger.

  • Additional Passengers plus Infants $50
    Additional passengers are charged a one-time $50 fee provided these itineraries are based on the first passenger journey. Most airlines allow infants to travel on lap for a small fee in either cash or points. 

Your Bonuses Offers

  • One free model airplane of your choice.
    This fully assembled model airplane will be mailed to anyone who requests and pays the First Passenger $165 fee. The free model airplane is not included in any other package.

  • No ticket - No fee**
    You only pay the fee if the reward gets ticketed.

  • Free seat assignment
    Confirmed seat assignment is based on airline pre-assignment free seat selection rules and criteria.  

  • Discounts of 25% to 50%
    50% discount off Reward Flying's Strategy package that is valid for 12 months. 
    25% discount off any other Reward Flying ticketing package that is valid for 12 months.

  • Round the World - Multi-Stopover tickets
    Custom quotes will be made when looking to book round the world tickets or tickets that include multiple stopovers. 

Airbus A380

Boeing 747

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Boeing 787

Airbus A350

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These model airplanes are fully assembled and decorated die cast metal with scales either 400:1 or 500:1. Reward Flying makes no guarantees your selection will be in stock. Substitutions for out of stock items are at reward flying's discretion. 

** If any fees have been paid and Reward Flying is unable to secure the reward ticket you requested, you will receive a full refund. If you decline to pay for the reward ticket that has been located by Reward Flying, any fees paid in association with this reward search and/or ticket process will not be refunded.