American Airlines B777-300 First Class SYD-LAX

AA72 Cover.jpg

At one point this trip was booked as:

AA72 Orig Map.jpg

An insane amount of flying over a 2 week period, not to mention spending a boatload of points. American Airlines is notorious for not releasing saver award space anywhere, let alone from Sydney in first class. One day I noticed not one, but two seats available a day before I was to return from the region. At the bottom of this report I'll explain the cost of this trip, but suffice it to say I would be saving plenty of points by taking this flight and I wanted to try American's first class service from Australia as it had received accolades from other blogs. It would also be interesting to compare it to Qantas A380 service which I took last year. 

Now the trip looked like this:

AA72 Final Map.jpg

I show this simply to point out now I was flying 10,000 miles less than before and by the time this flight came around I was toast. Enjoying the trip but ready to get home. It all sounded good in the planning stage. Hence this report may not be up to my standards. 

I flew in from Brisbane the day before as today's departure was at 10:15AM and I wanted to visit the Qantas Sydney lounge. Plus it's not fun getting up at 4AM, trekking to the airport to take a 6AM/7AM flight and risking a delay then missing your international flight. So I stayed at the Pullman Hotel in the Mascot area. While all the hotels around Sydney airport are expensive, I got a decent rate and it's probably one of the nicer hotels in the area, which is pretty run down. 

AA72 Hotel 1.jpg

Arriving at Sydney Kingsford International terminal I proceeded to the American Airlines check-in. If I were flying Qantas there is a special first class reception area. Not surprisingly American has no such fanfare.

AA72 Checkin 1.jpg

Given an express pass for security I headed to the Qantas lounge. You can read about that visit with this link. It would be a highlight for the day. 

AA72 QF Lounge.jpg

Arriving at the gate 40 minutes prior to departure boarding had already commenced. I made my way inside.

AA72 Cabin FC 1.jpg

The first class cabin on the American Airlines flagship 777-300 was not awe inspiring. 

AA72 Cabin FC 2.jpg

There are 8 seats in 2 rows, 1x2x1. I was in 1A. All 8 seats were occupied by the time we departed, however, based on the conversations I overheard, 5 or 6 of these passengers were AA employees. No knock against the employee, but how many American customers would like to sit up here? I'm not fingering American, United does the same. 

AA72 Cabin FC 3.jpg

When I'd first booked this flight both 1A/K were taken. I'd read that 2A/K had you sitting partially in business class. And guess what, you are!

AA72 Cabin Divide.jpg

So I set a seat alert on ExpertFlyer for 1A/K and sure enough one day I got the alert and changed my seat from 2A to 1A. 

Since we entered through door two I had a chance to view business class. 

AA72 Cabin BC 2.jpg

American Airlines has a numerous business class seats and arguably the best are the Cirrus reverse herringbone installed in the 777-300ERs.  

AA72 Cabin BC 1.jpg

Seat 3A in the mini-cabin. Spoiler alert, fly business class and sit here if you can. 

AA72 Cabin BC 3.jpg

Back to seat 1A. This seat swivels to face out towards the window. Presumably allowing you to work on your laptop or tablet which is  placed on the side table. I never got around to work on this flight. 

AA72 Seat 1.jpg

The IFE screen is stored for take-off and landing, similar to the Cirrus business class seats. 

AA72 Seat 2.jpg

I'm not sure what is going on here. 

AA72 Seat 3.jpg

Narrow storage under the ottoman for small carry on or purse.

AA72 Seat 9.jpg

All the plugs are easily accessible and you can comb your hair or refresh your makeup at the same time.

AA72 Seat 4.jpg

These buttons kind of reveal the age of this design. 

AA72 Seat 5.jpg

Down on the floor at the entrance of the pod is a little cubby hole, presumably to store your shoes, but not during take-off or landing. 

AA72 Seat 6.jpg

On the other side was a mesh pocket that held a pair of slippers. I am continually amazed by the silly warnings that are required on aircraft. What could you possibly store here that would be dangerous, slippers?

The seat adjustment is touch screen. 

AA72 Seat 8.jpg

Bose noise cancelling headphones are a nice feature.

AA72 Amenity HP.jpg

First class passengers were given these Cole Haan amenity kits. 

AA72 Amenity Kit 1.jpg

A rather large pouch for a rather small number of items. 

AA72 Amenity Kit 3.jpg

But the whole idea is well intended as it doubles as a tablet carry case. And it was of decent quality, just not my style. 

AA72 Amenity Kit 2.jpg

Before departure I requested a pair of American pajamas.

AA72 Amenity PJ 1.jpg

At first I wasn't impressed as they aren't of the same quality as say Singapore, Lufthansa, Etihad, Qatar, Japan Airlines, Cathay, United to name a few. But I've grown to like them. The top is a comfortable long sleeve t-shirt.

AA72 Amnity PJ 2.jpg

Time to go. 

AA72 Scenic Away they go 1.jpg

Surprise, we start with nuts. I passed on Champagne, not at 10AM with 20,000 miles in hand and 9K to go. 

AA72 Food1 - Nuts.jpg

In the air the nuts were replaced with olives and some kind of chip that looks like it's barbequed flavored. All were passed on. (Notice the USB port which is the only photo I have of it.)

AA72 Food1 - Olives.jpg

While I wasn't able to locate the exact Champagne offered on this flight, my guess it is a reasonably priced champagne and probably not in the class of Dom or Salon. Just a guess. The Heitz Cellars Cab is is decent cabernet to my tastes. But as you will see, mine mostly spilled. 

AA72 Menu 1.jpg
AA72 Food1 - Wine.jpg

Today's menu.

AA72 Menu 2.jpg

I began with the chicken bilini and smoked salmon cube canapés.

AA72 Food1 - Canape 1.jpg

Not surprisingly the Sydney-Los Angeles is a prized route for American employees, attracting their most senior crew members. Serving today's flight was a 30+ year American flight attendant named Billie. She was fantastic, at least in terms of likeability. She was always laughing or telling jokes and genuinely liked her job. You couldn't help but like her. Recently the CEO of Qatar Airlines, who I'm sure regrets it, stating US airlines flight attendants were a bunch of Grandmas. Billie was, but polar opposite of the point this CEO was trying to make. 

When she placed the canapé plate on my tray and the chicken tipped off the blini, she said "Oops!" They were as good as they look.

AA72 Food1 - Canape 2.jpg

The Jerusalem soup as ok, but had me wanting Thai's celery soup flying into Sydney.

AA72 Food2 - Soup.jpg

How uninspiring. 

AA72 Food2 - Salad 1.jpg

At least it was fresh. 

AA72 Food2 - Salad 2.jpg

Then things got interesting, not food wise but flight wise. We encountered a medium chop. Enough were liquids from glasses spilled and you couldn't really eat. It wasn't severe, just constant bouncing. This is one of the problems flying a 777 with a full load of fuel and passengers. Our altitude was 33,000 feet whereas newer aircraft like the 787 and A350 can get higher often avoiding this kind of weather. 

The chop lasted for about 3 hours. Only then did I get, or want, dinner.

AA72 Food2 - Dinner 1.jpg

Fortunately it was a braised dish so it didn't get overcooked. In the end it was a decidedly good business class main meal. 

AA72 Food2 - Dinner 2.jpg

Dessert was a simple spoonful of chocolate mousse with some fruit on top. 

AA72 Food2 - Des 1.jpg

Now that the larger dinner plate was removed you can see where most of my wine went. For those of you who read the report I wrote on Singapore Airlines from Frankfurt to Singapore, you might remember what happened on that flight when some wine spilled. It was just a small spill on my neighbors table cloth, like a ring around the base of the glass. Angie, the SQ flight attendant insisted she change the table cloth. No insistence was offered here. 

AA72 Food2 - Des 2.jpg

I asked for the bed to be made. Another attendant made it up as Billie was on break. The mattress pad was pretty thin. Apparently American is moving to a new line of bedding soon. They need to.

AA72 Seat Sleep 1.jpg

I tried to sleep but....

AA72 Seat Sleep 2.jpg

The IFE was no help to me, as nothing interested me. That doesn't mean there wasn't anything to watch, just nothing I wanted to watch. 

AA72 IFE 2.jpg

I wouldn't call the first class monitor anything outstanding. I remained content to listen to an audiobook to pass the time. 

AA72 IFE 3.jpg

Somewhere over the Pacific I ordered the steak sandwich from the Small Plates menu.

AA72 Food3 - Snack 1.jpg

The flavor was excellent, the meat needed canine teeth.

AA72 Food3 - Snack 2.jpg

Cheese was available but I did not partake.

AA72 Menu 3.jpg

Breakfast was served the standard 90 minutes out.

AA72 Menu 4.jpg

Firmly against eggs on a plane, unless freshly made as on Lufthansa or Austrian and maybe others as well, I went continental. 

AA72 Food4 - Brk 1.jpg

The fruit was fresh and the granola was different and good, just not in abundance. 

AA72 Food4 - Brk 2.jpg

The ginger rhubarb smoothies was delicious.

And the yogurt was to my liking as well, the real stuff.

AA72 Food4 - Brk 4.jpg

A beautiful sunrise meant LA was not too far away.

AA72 Scenic LA Arrive 1.jpg

And we had the unusual LAX landing to the east on 6L

AA72 Scenic LA Arrive 2.jpg

And I'd be remiss if I didn't offer some aircraft spotting. First Sydney.

AA72 Scenic SYD Planes.jpg

Then LAX

AA72 Scenic LAX Planes.jpg


This flight was available using the following points:

American Airlines: 110,000 points which would have included the BNE-SYD flight on Qantas. There wasn't any LAX-ORD availability unless I wanted to take 2 regional flight and get home late, like midnight. 

Alaska Airlines: 110,000 points only covering the SYD-LAX portion. 

Etihad Airlines: 72,500 points, again covering the single international portion. 

What would you do? Turns out I did: 
BNE-SYD: 9,000 British Airways Avios points
SYD-LAX: 72,500 Etihad Guest miles points
LAX-ORD: 18,000 AMEX points on Virgin America using their 50% rebate program which is being reduced to 35% rebate. 

Total of 99,500. So I saved at least 10,000 points and got to Chicago in first class with the quickest connection. 

Carrier: American Airlines
Date: August 2017
Route: Sydney - Los Angeles
Flight #: AA72
Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER N735AT
Configuration: F8 / J52 / W48 / Y202
Seat(s): 1A
On Time: Yes

Reward Flying Rating: 5.6 out of 10 ✈  

✔︎The first class cabin did not feel spacious at all and very nondescript 

Seat Comfort:
✔︎Yes the seat was comfortable, but the bed, or more like the bedding, didn't make for a comfortable sleep

Cabin/Seats Rating: 5 out of 10 ✈  

✔︎A nice amenity kit bag and decent pajamas were offered
Meals: Presentation:
✔︎At least it wasn't a single tray. 
Meals: Quality:
✔︎Overall it tasted fine, decidedly a business class meal

 Amenity/Food rating: 5.5 out of 10 ✈ 

✔︎Small monitor for first class and content was limited for my tastes

IFE rating: 4 out of 10 ✈    

Flight Attendants:
✔︎I have to give an 30+ year veteran who showed as much enthusiasm as  Billie did a high rating, even with though there were some shortcomings

Flight Attendant rating: 7.5 out of 10 ✈ 

✔︎B777-300 This was AA's second newest 777 and while the 777 is an incredible aircraft, newer technologies, namely the ability to fly at higher altitudes may have made this flight more enjoyable by avoiding 3 hours of medium chop at the beginning of this flight. 

Aircraft rating: 6 out of 10 ✈  

Flight path

AA72 Flight Path.jpg