DOH Qatar Al Safwa First Class Lounge

While Hamad International Airport is a spectacular facility to explore and appreciate the architecture, I had other plans.

QF DOH FCL Entry 1.jpg
QF DOH FCL Entry 2.jpg

It is a grand entrance up the massive escalator to an open lobby seemingly without a ceiling. The entrance itself depicts the opulence of this one of a kind first class lounge.

After admittance off to the right is a duty free shop area that I wouldn’t be able to pay the duty, let alone buy whatever is in there.

QR DOH FCL Entry 4.jpg

So I entered the lounge. This lounge is something you have to see to fully appreciate.

QF DOH FCL Room 4.jpg

Space wise it is probably the largest lounge I’ve ever been in, but with the fewest chairs and most open space.

QR DOH FCL Entry 5.jpg

When you enter if you turn left there is the bar and dining room where you can order off a menu as well as this water feature.

QF DOH FCL Entry 3.jpg

There were more dining tables off to the right.


Even though I said fewest chairs, that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of chairs. It’s just the place is so big.

QR DOH FCL Room 1.jpg
QR DOH FCL Room 2.jpg

Throughout the lounge are attendees who ask if you need anything, want to eat or visit the spa. They aren’t intrusive, just there to help.

QR DOH FCL Room 3.jpg
QR DOH FCL Room 5.jpg
QR DOH FCL Room 7.jpg

Off to the right is the Spa as well as a game room and kid’s area.

QR DOH FCL Room 4.jpg
QR DOH FCL Spa Entry.jpg

Most of the spa treatments are at a cost. The spa attendant gave me a tour. There were various massage rooms.

QR DOH FCL Spa Msg Tbl 1.jpg
QR DOH FCL Spa Msg Tbl 2.jpg

This one looked interesting, a massage on a warm bed of sand.

QR DOH FCL Spa Sand Msg.jpg

Pedicure room.

QR DOH FCL Spa Pedicure.jpg

This is the jacuzzi room which I opted for. There is no charge for this. No duck though! What I found strange about this room is there are 2 showers opposite the jacuzzi but no toilet in the room.

QR DOH FCL Spa Jacuzzi.jpg

And a relaxation room after your warm bath.

QR DOH FCL Spa Relax chairs.jpg

The spa was very tranquil with the sounds of this gentle flowing stream of water.

QR DOH FCL Spa Water running.jpg

After the jacuzzi I continued my tour of the facility in search of food. Tucked away in the back of the lounge is a typical lounge buffet style area for a quick bite in case you don’t have time to for a sit down meal.

QR DOH FCL Food ALC 2.jpg
QR DOH FCL Food ALC 1.jpg
QR DOH FCL Food ALC 3.jpg
QR DOH FCL Food ALC 4.jpg

But I had time so I headed to the dining room. There was only one other person in the room, a lady at the bar who was headed to Sydney as well.

QR DOH FCL Food Oshibori.jpg

I know I took a photo of the menu, but I must have deleted it by mistake as it’s nowhere to be found.

This Saint Julien is not something you will find in a typical lounge.

QR DOH FCL Food Wine 2.jpg
QR DOH FCL Food Wiine 1.jpg
QR DOH FCL Wine rating.jpg
QR DOH FCL Food App 1.jpg

Not wanting to eat anything too heavy I opted for the vegetable tart. It was delicious.

QR DOH FCL Food 1.jpg

And the waiter recommended the Pistachio cake.

QR DOH FCL Food 3.jpg

And it was as good as the presentation.

QR DOH FCL Food 2.jpg

This is a magnificent lounge. If you are flying first class on Qatar do your best to either arrive very early or have a long layover. I’d put this lounge on par with Lufthansa’s FCT, minus the ensuing walk to end of C concourse to catch QR908.