EVA Air B777-300 Business Class Regional TPE-PVG

Originally intended as an all 747 trip on EVA Air and United back to the US, best laid plans should be broken at times. Morning weather in Taipei was gloomy and windy (which cleared by the time I made the flight change), so I decided to try for Shanghai early. A quick check on ExpertFlyer showed plenty of business class seats on a 1PM departure that featured EVA's 777 with Cirrus business class seats, opposed to the old Premium Laurel business class in the 747. 

My first attempt at the change didn't pan out. The agent said because United issued my ticket I needed to contact United for a flight change. Knowing that flying standby on day of departure is typically allowed, I approached another agent. Within two minutes my boarding pass was in hand for seat 1A on the 1PM departure. 

Caution to TPE travelers. Give yourself time to pass security and immigration. Lines can be long and in this case canceled my visit to the Royal Laurel VIP Lounge in Terminal 2. I arrived at the gate a few minutes before boarding. 

Boarding commenced on time for this flight of 419 miles, which is barely enough time to take your shoes off. Fortunately a detour was made giving a few more minutes to enjoy the premium services EVA Air has to offer. 

Royal Laurel Class on the 777 aircraft occupies two cabins. In front of door two is the main cabin of 6 window seat rows and 7 center seat rows. (One version of the 777 has a window seat in row 7 on the right side.) The mini-cabin is 4 rows behind door two. I prefer the front cabin as it's much quieter.  Total J seats or either 38 or 39. This triple seven was a 39 seat version.

You can see the row 7 window seat behind the FA in this photo. 

BR752 Airport TPE 3.jpg

Center seats offer good privacy.

A view from 1A.

Behind seat 6A is a large lavatory best described as handicap accessable. 

BR752 Cabin Lav Hcp 2.jpg

Seat 1A was waiting for me with a large pillow and blanket. 

The Cirrus business class seat is an outstanding seat, second only to B/E's Super Diamond in my opinion. 

Storage for your shoes, or other items can be found below the side table under the monitor. 

The footwell offers a reasonable amount of space but does narrow at the end. There is a lower rest for those that want an angle position. 

If there is a knock to the EVA design it would be the monitor. At 15.4 inches it seemed small, but isn't. I guess I'm scarred for life after JAL's 22 inch behemoth. It's touch screen and HD. The knock is it must be stowed on take-off and landing. The new versions apparently do not, as on Cathay's A350 flight they were allowed extended. Anyway, minor detail. 

Monitor clarity is good for the window being open. Just enjoy the ride. 

I guess it makes sense.

A clean design where everything is right next to you. No searching. 

A different style coat hook than CX. Seemingly better.

The armrest when raised which doesn't offer storage inside as does the B/E Super Diamond armrest. However now I'm wondering what the latch is for, I guess I need a longer flight to figure that out!

Expansive meal tray that easily slides out from underneath the side table. 

Now it's time for some EVA Airways premium service. 

Immediately on boarding the first of many oshibori was offered. 

Slippers were handed out. Again, average flight time 83 minutes. 

For a power nap.

Thunder and noise canceling seem to contradict each other, don't you think?

An extensive Wine and Beverage menu was distributed. Champagne de Castelnau was featured. I held fast to my usual.

An impressive selection of three lunch entrees were offered. 

The menu was also on-line.

I selected the "Green & Safe" chicken leg. I was hoping for the later, not the former.

Without delay a lovely young flight attendant appeared and pronounced "Your free range chicken lunch entree, please enjoy".

Except it looks like pork does it not? But the skin looks like chicken?? Nonetheless it had a mild flavor closer to chicken so.... Pretty good too, not gourmet but for an airline lunch, anytime.

It was accompanied by a small appetizer that did indeed have a pork along with Mozzarella cheese. Quite good. 

And the obligatory dish of fruit as dessert. 

Upon completion oshibori #2 was placed on the table. 

I mentioned a detour to enjoy the service.

Wi-Fi is available on EVA Air 777 aircraft for these prices. I did not test the connection, given the fact that it's not available over China and much of the flight path was over China. 

83 minutes flies by when you have 3 oshibori to deal with as well as a full course lunch, and take your shoes off.

As with my prior EVA Air long haul flight, the flight attendants on this short flight in business class were attentive, polite and willing to converse with you. The cabin had about 15 passengers and there were 5 attendants up front. 

Carrier: EVA Air
Date: December 2016
Route: Taipei - Shanghai
Flight #: BR752
Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER #B-16723
Configuration: J39 W56 Y238
Seat(s): 1A
On Time: Yes

Reward Flying Rating:   7.4 out of 10 ✈ 

Cabin/Seats Rating: 7 out of 10 ✈ 
Amenity/Food rating: 7 out of 10 ✈ 
IFE rating: 7 out of 10 ✈    
Flight Attendant rating: 8 out of 10 ✈ 
Aircraft rating: 8 out of 10 ✈  

A final comment is a note to myself. Next time you book a flight on EVA Air, make it longer than 83 minutes. 

Flight Path

Plane spotting on arrival.

KLM 787

Etihad A330

And the one that is calling my name. 

Do you have any EVA Air experiences you'd like to share? Feel free to leave a comment.