Thai Airways B747 First Class BKK-SYD

TG475 Cover.jpg

Having flown Thai's 747 last year on a business class ticket sitting in a first class seat, I was anxious to try the real first class experience along with the Thai Royal First Class Lounge and Spa. And the price was right. Only 40,000 points, an amazing deal for an 8 hour flight. Unfortunately that deal goes away 11/1/2017 when the UA price becomes 65,000 points. 

I arrived by Uber from downtown Bangkok in plenty of time to enjoy a few hours in the lounge and receive the complimentary one hour massage treatment. 

TG475 Checkin 2.jpg

After being handed my boarding pass I turned around and a young man was waiting to escort me through security and over to the lounge. 

TG475 Checkin 3.jpg

Thai has a special reception area for premium class passengers down an escalator beyond the check-in area and security screening. 

TG475 Checkin 4.jpg

I cleared security and my Mercedes was waiting to whisk me off to the lounge. 

TG475 Checkin 5.jpg

In no time we motored up to the entrance blocking all traffic.  You can read about the Royal First Lounge and Spa with this link

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Fast forward a couple hours and it was time to board. After my massage I'd returned to my assigned semi-private room in the lounge for about 20 minutes. Then about 30 minutes before boarding a Thai representative gathered myself and one other passenger who was traveling first class on the flight down to Sydney. The gate was a two minute walk so there was no Porsche golf cart to take us there. 

Departures are a level down so we went down the ramp with the Thai representative pulling the carry-on bags for both first class passengers. We passed secondary screening, cutting in front of the line. General boarding had already commenced. The representative escorted us past everyone waiting to board inside the terminal and inside the jetway, which is somewhat embarrassing. Then this. The nose of a 747. Fantastic!

TG475 Cabin 1.jpg

747 overhead bins are small. With no chance my carry-on would fit, the cabin crew collected my bag upon entry and stored it. Thai has two 747 cabin layouts. The new version has more private seats. The way you can tell is in row 2 there's only a single seat. This version is flown on the overnight flight to Sydney, whereas the morning daytime flight has the older seats.  So the new version has 9 seats in first and old version has 10 seats left of door 1. 

TG475 Cabin 3.jpg

A view of seats 2A/3A and the lower deck business class cabin behind the door. A thick curtain closes off business from first during the flight. 

TG475 Cabin 2.jpg

Seat 1A as presented upon arrival.

TG475 Seat 1.jpg

Storage under the ottoman was big enough for my duffle bag as well as the packaged Thai bedding.

TG475 Seat 2.jpg

While this compartment is not fully enclosed, the seats have plenty of privacy, especially row one.

TG475 Seat 3.jpg

Plus you can't beat the view from row one!

The suite has a good size monitor (I'm guessing 22-24 inches), and it's touchscreen but you need to use the controller if sitting down. Unfortunately Thai's entertainment selection is limited. 

TG475 Seat IFE.jpg

The compartment has a convenient closet and usable mirror. 

TG475 Seat Storage 2.jpg

There is plenty of storage along the window with this compartment being the forward one which also holds all the reading material. Another compartment is adjacent the seat. 

A touch screen panel adjusts the seat seating as well as lighting. 

TG475 Seat Contol 2.jpg

After dinner my flight attendant prepared the bed using the package under the ottoman. It included a mattress pad, plush duvet, blanket and larger pillow. The bed was comfortable and I slept well. As you can see, the armrests are lowered when in horizontal position. 

TG475 Seat Bed 1.jpg

A Thai Rimowa amenity kit and headphone were neatly placed on arrival. 

TG475 Amenity Kit.jpg

Not Bose but not bad. The issue was IFE content, not equipment. 

TG475 Amenity HP.jpg

Two pillows along with the larger sleeping pillow were provided. 

TG475 Amenity Pillow.jpg

A bevy of reading material was offered at each seat. Although I'm not sure the appeal of Homes and Garden, at least for me. 

TG475 Amenity Read 1.jpg

My cabin attendant was a lovely woman named Chanidnart. She would prove to be one of my favorite attendants along with her partner who prepared the food and beverage for the two first class passengers.  A cool towel was offered upon my arrival as was something to drink, which I declined until after take-off, as well as a chocolate which I saved for later.

TG475 Amenity Welcome 1.jpg
TG475 Amenity Welcome 2.jpg

Chanidnart soon came around with a package for me. 

TG475 Amenity PJ  1.jpg

These are nice as they aren't too warm and are a quality garment. 

TG475 Amenity PJ 2.jpg

And while in the stock 747 lavatory here is a photo of some refreshing sprays offered, but not used by me. The lavatory was stocked with cloth hand towels.

TG475 Amenity Lav 1.jpg

Right on time we pushed and were lined up in minutes. After two departures on an A380, this 747, which had a few more miles on it, didn't allow you to forget what was happening outside like the A380s do. Or it was just a bumpy runway in Bangkok. Today's flight was courtesy of a 16 year old 747-400, HS-TGA.

TG475 Plane Age.jpg

Time for dinner, and some champagne. While Thai may not be at the top echelon of international first class carriers, no one can complain about their champagne selection up front. 

TG475 Bev Champ 1.jpg
TG475 Bev Champ 2.jpg

Four dinner selections, not bad for two people in first. I wonder if they stocked all? I chose the veal chop which was on board. 

TG475 Menu Food 1.jpg

While reading the menu Chanidnart offered a plate full of snacks, or canapes. Nuts, dried fruit, some kind of mouse on a cracker and something wrapped in a leaf which was hard. I passed on all. 

TG475 Food - Nuts 1.jpg

Next, following in Singapore Airlines tradition of no tablecloth , Thai's version of satay was offered. Seems like they copied them on the plates as well, or vise versa. 

TG475 Food App Satay 1.jpg

Good, but a tad greasy. 

TG475 Food App Satay 2.jpg

Plentiful and delicious. 

TG475 Food App Satay 4.jpg

Next was the mystery course. No one knew what it was. Chanidnart said they sometimes catering loads a surprise dish like this without telling the crew. I'm not sure I believe that but I tried it and it was really good. I think it was made with large tapioca pearls.

TG475 Food App Mystery 1.jpg

I mean, when traveling abroad it's not like you know what everything is you eat, right? And I made it to Sydney so all is well.

TG475 Food App Mystery 2.jpg

Another step up by Thai is caviar in first class. I would not be declining today.

TG475 Food App Cav 1.jpg

I had my choice of accompaniments for those wondering. I was offered chilled vodka as well. The only disappointment was crackers and not bilinis. 

TG475 Food App Cav 2.jpg

Next was a foie gras and roasted winter vegetable salad. It sounded good. 

TG475 Food Salad 1.jpg

Woah, lots going on here. Lots! I passed. 

TG475 Food Salad 2.jpg

Redemption was to follow. Cream of celeriac soup.

TG475 Food App Soup 1.jpg


So this 29,591 mile venture consisting of 12 flights with 9 different carriers and many meals, I think this soup was the best individual course of any. It was incredibly good! Chanidnart had told me I'd enjoy it, she was right!

TG475 Food App Soup 4.jpg

So with the caviar and soup along with the mystery item I was a happy camper. How would the veal chop turn out? 

TG475 Food Main 1.jpg

It was very good, outstanding, no but I'd get it again. I think they just tried to do too much with it, all the different mushrooms, hazelnuts and so forth.  It was more like an Asiana first class meal versus a Singapore Airlines first class meal. 

As you can tell I ordered the Chateau Camensac blend to go with it. 

TG475 Bev Wine 1.jpg

I was prepared to skip dessert but Chanidnart insisted, suggesting the sticky rice with mango and coconut cream was excellent. So I caved.

TG475 Food Des 2.jpg

And now we know why she insisted! What a nice thought. Chanidnart said it was prepared by her assistant in the galley. I don't recall his name but she said he was a few weeks from retiring, having been with Thai for over 30 years. I met him when we arrived in Sydney and thanked him for this special dessert. You have to love your job to still do something like this after 30 years. 

TG475 Food Des 1.jpg

Stuffed it was time to sleep. 

I awoke a little over an hour out of Sydney with my channel was set to the preferred selection. 

On of the beauties when flying overnight, sunrise. I wonder what planet that is out my window? 

TG475 Scenic Sunrise.jpg

Time to eat, again. For breakfast four choices were available just like four choices for the main meal. 

TG475 Menu Food 2.jpg

I thought I'd take it easy and just have some fruit, yogurt and soft boiled eggs. 

TG475 Food Brk 1.jpg

I didn't expect the huge tray to be filled with food!

TG475 Food Brk 3.jpg
TG475 Food Brk 6.jpg
TG475 Food Brk 9.jpg


TG475 Food Brk 11.jpg

Sunrise turned into full sun with a glare that obscured beautiful Sydney on arrival. 

TG475 Scenic Syd 1.jpg

It's an amazing view from the air, sun or no sun. 

TG475 Scenic Syd 3.jpg

Touchdown was a few minutes ahead of schedule. 

TG475 Scenic Syd 2.jpg

As we taxied to the gate I was wondering if this SQ A380 was my JFK A380. No, but my A380 had been in Sydney only to have departed a few hours earlier. However at least now I can say I've been on a Singapore A380 when I take a photo of one at some airport.  

TG475 Scenic SYD SQ.jpg

Upon departure I was handed a Gold Track express card for immigration. 

TG475 Amenity Fast Track.jpg


Here is a photo of the Thai B747 getting refreshed for the trip back to Bangkok taken from the New Zealand lounge after arrival.

TG475 Scenic SYD TG 1.jpg

Flight path

TG475 Flight Path.jpg

Carrier: Thai Airways
Date: August 2017
Route: Bangkok - Sydney
Flight #: TG 475
Aircraft: Boeing 747-400 #HS-TGA
Configuration: F9/ J40 / Y325
Seat(s): 1A
On Time: Yes

Reward Flying Rating: 7 out of 10 ✈  

✔︎It's the nose of a 747, what more can you ask for?

Seat Comfort:
✔︎Maybe not state of the art but comfortable, private and gave a good night's sleep

Cabin/Seats Rating: 7 out of 10 ✈  

✔︎Nice pajamas and a Rimowa amenity kit
Meals: Presentation:
✔︎A for effort
Meals: Quality:
✔︎Mostly wins but a couple misses. Overall very satisfied. 

 Amenity/Food rating: 7 out of 10 ✈

✔︎Big monitor but suffers from poor content

IFE rating: 7 out of 10 ✈    

Flight Attendants:
✔︎The question is always did the flight crew make the flight special. This crew did. The personalized dessert was a first.

Flight Attendant rating: 8 out of 10 ✈ 

✔︎B747-400 Yes it was a little older but I will never complain flying a 747, period. 

Aircraft rating: 6 out of 10 ✈  

Tell us about your Thai Airways experiences. Feel free to leave a comment below.