Virgin Australia B737-800 Business Class Regional CNS-BNE

VA786 Cover.jpg

Due to my compulsive desire to tinker with trips, what was once 5 days in Cairns turned into an overnight. I won’t make that mistake again.

Cains has a quant airport. Both Qantas and Virgin Australia board front and rear which allows for super fast boarding. You can see the rear jetway in the photo above.

I was anxious to compare Virgin Australia 737 service to Qantas. Previous I had compared their A330 long haul domestic service and Virgin blew the doors off Qantas. A comparison was not worth writing about as in the end it was pretty equal.

Business Class seat in 737-800 operated by Virgin Australia.

VA786 Cabin 4.jpg
VA786 Cabin 3.jpg

VA only has 8 seats up front. Row one leg room seems pretty good.

VA786 Cabin 5.jpg

Row 2 leg room is fair, with the obvious extra room under the seat in front.

VA786 Cabin 1.jpg

Northern Cairns area on departure.

Courtney was the upfront FA. She was extremely nice and had a bubbly personality. Shortly after take-off she presented this pork pie and salad.

VA786 Food 1.jpg

The quality and presentation of the dish are superior to the lunch served by Qantas.

VA786 Food 2.jpg
VA786 Food 3.jpg

I passed on dessert.

It was a beautiful day to fly. This is the Great Barrier Reef area.

VA786 Scenic 1.jpg

And a cruise ship probably headed to Cairns.

VA786 Scenic 4.jpg

Virgin uses Samsung tablets for entertainment. I tracked the flight,

VA786 Flightpath.jpg

Overall I would rate this flight a bit better than the Qantas domestic to Cairns. The differences were the quality of food and the IFE on VA.

Bonus material. The Hilton Cairns is a nice hotel for the area.

Even better was the view.

The town is pretty cool as well.

This redemption is a sweet spot. Flying Qantas the lowest is 15,000 from CNS to BNE using BA Avios. Delta charges 40,000 points for this trip which is unreasonable. I booked the flight for 13,800 points via Etihad Guest. They only charge 13,800 from Sydney to Cairns as well. Here’s hoping against an Emirates and Etihad merger!