Qantas B737-800 Business Class Regional SYD-CNS

QF926 Cover.jpg

The Rydges hotel is directly across from Sydney’s international terminal. While a nice hotel it is often expensive. Fortunately I was able to snag a deal and booked it primarily to plane watch before my flight to Cairns.

Cairns was the original destination of this trip (although it suffered through a number of changes as well) and the original western route was to fly American’s 787-9 from LAX to SYD arriving on this very date. So there I am in seat 2A of that American 787.

QF926 Scenic PS AA.jpg

How often can you get 2 A380s and 2 747s in the same photo?

QF926 Scenic PS 2.jpg

Or just 2 A380s.

QF926 Scenic PS 3.jpg

Soon it was off to the terminal. Only I was at the international terminal and was departing from the domestic terminal.

QF926 Terminal 1.jpg

Qantas has a transfer gate where I could check-in in the International terminal and take a bus across the airfield to the Domestic terminal on the other side. That trip allowed for this photo, once I cropped out the heads of other bus patrons. We’ll be seeing you soon VA.

QF926 Scenic Plane 1.jpg

After taking a peak inside the QF business class lounge which I reviewed last year I ventured over to a Priority Pass restaurant. Their kitchen was closed at 11AM, no chef, go figure. So I passed some time then headed to the gate.

QF926 Boarding.jpg

Boarding was on time and soon enough we were on our way.

QF926 Away they go.jpg

It’s a short flight up to Cairns, a little under 3 hours.

QF926 Flightpath.jpg

And a nice day for flying.

QF926 Scenic 1.jpg

Qantas has a nice domestic business class seat. The cabin has 12 seats, 3 rows of 2x2. Strangely they block rows 1 and 2 from pre-assignment. So it was 3A for me.

QF926 Cabin 3.jpg

A better view. Notice the non partition between cabins. It’s the new thing I guess.

QF926 Cabin 5.jpg
QF926 Cabin 1.jpg

A good reason to bring your own entertainment. The 737-8 monitors are circa 1990 on the Airbus A320.

QF926 Cabin 4.jpg

Pretty much all I can show you about the seat are these manual buttons to control the seat. This aircraft did not have any power at the seat.

QF926 Seat 4.jpg

Qantas nuts.

QF926 Welcome 2.jpg

The good news is on this QF flight the FA, Thomas if I remember correctly, served me lunch whereas last time they missed me.

QF926 Food Main 1.jpg

Fish and chips, kind of, with mashy peas or something to that effect.

But the fun was in the little box.

QF926 Food Des 3.jpg

All I can say is if you run across a Madhouse Bakehouse, go inside.

QF926 Food Des 2.jpg

While dreaming about Madhouse Bakehouse we started our descent.

QF926 Scenic 3.jpg

I was on the wrong side of the plane for the best photos.

QF926 Scenic 4.jpg

This was a typical, acceptable domestic business class flight. No need for a rating. But if you insist I gave it a 5, which is average in my book.

Reward Redemption

This flight was part of the Qatar ticket so I didn’t pay for this sector. However you can frequently find availability on domestic Qantas flights and pay for them via American Airlines points, British Airways Avios and Alaska points. Cathay Pacific’s Asia Miles should offer them as well. The winner for this flight is British Airways at 15,000 points, which is an awesome deal. In fact right now BA is offering a 40% transfer bonus, that means this flight would only be 11,000 points!