Singapore Airlines A380 New Business Class SIN-HKG

SQ856 Cover.jpg

The day began with an expectation to fly Singapore’s new A380 round trip to Shanghai, business to and first on the return. It didn’t work out.

I guess it was a good idea. If you wanted to fly the new A380 why not? This whole trip came about because of SQ’s new A350 ULR and a reward ticket fare sale. Add in the Qatar Qsuites 777 plus A350-1K and the trip became a pretty cool series of flights. But with a full day in Singapore where most people would happily spend the day, I went route shopping for Singapore’s new A380.

Singapore Airlines new A380 has been a goal since announced. I had a chance in August of 2018 to fly it, but had picked the wrong flight by mistake when I reserved one of two A380s on the Sydney - Singapore sector. At that time the new A380 hadn’t been officially assigned to either flight, but the number of seats for sale in first class had given some clues. When I booked my ticket I mixed up the flight numbers and picked the wrong one. Then once the plane was officially put on scheduled routes, Saver Award space was not possible, only waitlist, if that.

I had placed myself on a waitlist for this aircraft in First Class and a confirmed booking in Business Class for another date. However when I went route shopping in October I found confirmable First Class Saver Fares on the PEK-SIN route. Plus it was a 4:30PM flight, perfect for a dinner flight. To get to PEK I waitlisted and ultimately cleared business class at a reduced number of points due to a fare sale. Plans well made, or so I thought.

I headed over to check in and the Business Class lines were full. The agent for First Class waved me over.

SQ856 Airport 3.jpg

After a few minutes she left and went to talk to a person who appeared to be a manager. He came over and said that my route wasn’t valid. He said Chinese Immigration laws do not allow turnaround flights.

While I won’t bore you with all the details, basically if you enter China you can travel visa free for 72 hours (144 hours in some cities) if your next destination is different from the one you came from and not in China. If not you need a visa. I needed a visa. I didn’t have a visa. The manager, who ultimately saved the day even called Chinese immigration to get the visa requirement waived for me. No luck.

I explained the purpose of my trip and he went to work for me, without even asking. Singapore flies two day time round trips with the new A380 daily. One to Shanghai and one to Hong Kong.

After about an hour he came back with 2 tickets for me. Business Class to Hong Kong and First Class on the way back from Hong Kong. There were no Saver Awards on these flights but he managed to convince whoever he was dealing with to issue the tickets. Thank you Nizam!

My view while waiting that nervous hour.

SQ856 Airport 2.jpg

Needless to say I didn’t have much time until this flight departed. The Shanghai one was long gone by now. I headed to the gate.

SQ856 Boarding 1.jpg

This would be my first glimpse of the A380 upper deck in front of the Business Class cabin.

The front Business Class cabin. No center bins make for a spacious cabin with an airy feel to it.

Looking back up to the front from my seat at 23A.

SQ856 Cabin 3.jpg

This is the second smaller cabin behind a bank of lavatories.

SQ856 Cabin rear 4.jpg

And all the way back to the rear where there are a couple more rows of seats.

SQ856 Cabin Rear 3.jpg

This one at the back of the plane might be the one! According to SeatGuru this seat has limited recline, however I don’t see how that can be since the seat is contained within a shell like all the others. They also state the seat in front has more leg room because of the bulkhead. I’d look for any of these at the back of the plane next time.

SQ856 Cabin Rear 2.jpg

As mentioned there is a bank of lavatories next to seats in row 24, 4 of them to be exact. They are spacious for Business Class lavs and while row 24 is super private, the lav noise is worthy of making row 24 seats ones to avoid.

And in typical Singapore style, amenities were well stocked, even on this short hop over the South China Sea.

Mood lighting on this A380 in flight.

SQ856 Cabin Mood Lighting.jpg

Seat 24A. I found the seat to be aesthetically pleasing and very comfortable.

SQ856 Seat 1.jpg

The design flaw is the angle you sleep.

SQ856 Seat 2.jpg

A center seat with the privacy divider extended.

SQ856 Seat 3.jpg
SQ856 Cabin Center seats Part.jpg

Seat controls on the side below the table. I must have put my elbow against them a dozen times resulting in some movement of the seat, or calling flight attendants.

SQ856 Seat 5.jpg

The tray table folds out from under the side table and flips open to be a rather large tray.

SQ856 Seat 6.jpg

No air nozzles on this aircraft.

SQ856 Seat 7.jpg

A useful mirror and reading light are off to the side. Singapore also added NFC for future use on this aircraft.

Retractable armrests were added to this seat to give a little extra width when sleeping. Just be sure to raise them when you get out of the seat!

The rear of the pod in front of you has a stationary drink holder. I offer 2 pictures of this drink holder because that is how many times I ignored the "PLEASE MIND YOUR HEAD" warning after bending down to reach my travel bag. This is not a good design.

SQ856 Seat 19.jpg

On the other side is a little cubby hole to store a phone of something. Mine had a broken latch. There is also a coat hanger.

The window pod has 2 storage areas in front of the table, with one large enough to stow a 15” laptop.

The center seats don’t have this extra storage.

SQ856 Cabin Center Seats IFE.jpg

An innovative idea from Singapore is a pillow that turns into a duvet.

SQ856 Seat 20.jpg

Unwrap it and make your bed.

Now for the bed issue. This is the severe angle you sleep and the size of the footwell. Singapore loves this angle stuff, I don’t get it.

SQ856 Seat 23.jpg

IFE is nice.

SQ856 IFE.jpg

The view from seat 24 is not so nice.

SQ856 Window View 1.jpg

An amenity kit was given, a surprise on this short flight. (My return in First Class didn’t have an amenity kit!)

The food and beverage menu.

This was a breakfast flight, oddly as it departed at 9:55AM. I was adventurous and ordered the Selection of Dim Sum. First came a fruit and bread course. Most airlines serve croissants for breakfast. Sure they are good, but the flaky crumbs end up everywhere!

SQ856 Food 1.jpg

And Swiss Muesli, not to be confused with Bircher Muesli.

Fried Radish Cake. Hmmm.

SQ856 Food 3.jpg

It was actually pretty good. I’d get it again!

And breakfast always includes a slice of cake.

Truth is, Raspberry Mascarpone Cake is good any time of day.

SQ856 Food 6.jpg

In no time we were on the ground.

Carrier: Singapore Airlines
Date: November 2018
Route: Singapore - Hong Kong
Flight #: 856
Aircraft: Airbus A380 Reg: 9V-SKU
Configuration: F6/ J78 / W44 / Y343
Seat(s): 24A
On Time: Yes

Reward Flying Rating: 7.7 out of 10 ✈

✔︎Very attractive cabin on the upper deck of this new A380 airplane.

Seat Comfort:
✔︎Very comfortable seat, if only you didn’t have to sleep on an angle.

Cabin/Seats Rating: 7.5 out of 10 ✈

✔︎I was surprised to get an amenity kit.

Meals: Presentation:
✔︎Multi course presentation.

Meals: Quality:
✔︎The food, while an odd combination was pretty good.

Amenity/Food rating: 7 out of 10 ✈

✔︎ IFE was good. Really no opinion as i didn’t use it that much.
✔︎ No WiFi

IFE rating: 7.5 out of 10 ✈

Flight Attendants:
✔︎Dutious crew, nice, professional. Not overly personal but the cabin was almost full and this is a short flight.

Flight Attendant rating: 7.5 out of 10 ✈

✔︎A380. New A380, what’s not to like?
Aircraft rating: 9 out of 10 ✈