American Airlines 787-9 Business Class DFW-LAX

AA84 Cover.jpg

AA2300 from Chicago arrived in Terminal A so I needed to take the tram to Terminal D to catch AA84 to LAX. It’s an easy journey, especially late on a Saturday night. The flight boarded on time.

Notice the 2 flight attendants chatting when boarding commenced. That would be their #1 priority throughout the flight.

AA84 Cabin 1.jpg

The 30 Super Diamond business class seats are all located in the front cabin before door 2. This is pretty typical among carriers fitting 1x2x1 all aisle access where they fit 28-30 seats up front. Air Canada flies the 787-9 with the same 30 Super Diamond seats in the front cabin as well.

AA84 Cabin 2.jpg
AA84 Cabin 3.jpg
AA84 Cabin 5.jpg
AA84 Cabin 4.jpg

The single front lavatory behind the cockpit wasn’t nearly as big as the 787-8, however that one was at door two. Maybe the same configuration applied on this aircraft.

AA84 Seat 3.jpg

I had selected Row 1 seat A which garners the automatic yellow flag on SeatGuru for being “too close” to the galley. They also wrongly state that there is no floor storage at this seat.

AA84 Seat 2.jpg

Looks like plenty of room to me.

AA84 Seat Foot 4.jpg

The galley is a fair distance away. The issue is when the flight attendants leave the curtain open and talk the whole flight.

AA84 Cabin Curtain.jpg

Super Diamond seats are well documented. There didn’t seem to be any special modifications to the American version.

AA84 Seat Storage 3.jpg
AA84 Seat Storage 1.jpg

Small containers for storage. I’m still not sure what is expected to be placed in some of these. Some airlines place a water bottle in the aisle-side armrest that opens.

AA84 Seat Storage 4.jpg

Window controls are actually below the side wall of the pod.

AA84 Seat Window.jpg

The serving tray in the Super Diamond can be used as a half tray or folded out for full size. I wouldn’t be needing the full size on this flight.

Standard touch pad seat controls.

AA84 Seat Control1.jpg

Plenty of power ports in the compartment that holds the IFE controller.

And the aircraft has overhead air nozzles.

AA84 Seat Air Nozzle.jpg

We departed on time. The cabin lights were dimmed. They were never turned back on until arriving in LAX where we sat on the tarmac for 40 minutes due to whatever. Granted the weather in LA wasn’t great. Just after takeoff I could smell the cookies being heated. Before reaching cruising altitude a cookie was passed out. (No photo as the cabin was too dark.) I asked for a glass of wine.

AA84 Food 1.jpg

Apparently the flight attendants thought they were done. Granted this is a 10PM departure so I didn’t expect a meal. But I did want a 2nd glass of wine and had to ring the call button to get an FA. They had no interest in being in the cabin. Their chat fest in the galley continued all flight. In this case SeatGuru was correct about being too close to the galley.

Arriving in the LA area where a significant storm had just passed.

AA84 Scenic 2.jpg

Flight path.

AA84 Flight Path.jpg

My rating for this flight is not in the top 50% of flights taken in wide-bodies under 5 hours. Bottom line, nice aircraft but poor service. Am I being too difficult?

AA84 Rating.jpg