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Reward Flying Ratings First Class - International flights 5 hours or longer

Reward Flying has been busy earning and spending reward points flying different carriers and aircraft types. Aviation technology is constantly evolving. For international travel a number of new aircraft have been introduced in recent years including the Boeing 787 and Airbus A350,  complementing the Airbus A380, Airbus A330, Boeing 747-8i and workhorse of long haul flights the Boeing 777. Reward Flying reports attempt to rate these experiences in terms of aircraft, cabin seating (often referred to as the hard product), food service and amenities (soft product), as well as In-Flight Entertainment systems and how well the cabin crew served their customers. The overall experience is simply the average of these individual ratings. 

Reward Flying Ratings Business Class - International flights 5 hours or longer

Note: These ratings are my own opinions and the flights taken were not provided by any carrier. Ratings are subjective and are based on the flight itself, meaning a 3 hour domestic flight in first class isn't the same as a 12 hours business class flight. For example a seat rating of 7 on that 3 hour flight in first class does not mean that same seat would get a rating of 7 on the 12 hour business class flight. Even the same seat on the same carrier might rank differently depending on the the flight duration as well as the condition of the seat. When possible consideration is given to how something ranks against another carrier on the same route. 

Comparisons are grouped in three categories; First Class International flights of 5 hours or longer, Business Class International flights of 5 hours or longer and First or Business Class flights less that 5 hours. 

A rating of 5 is considered average in my view. Tens are hard to come by. Ones are tough as well. Objectivity is the goal. 

Reward Flying Ratings First and Business Class - Regional flights less than 5 hours

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The reports posted below are intended to give you a sense of what you can do with Reward Flying. If you are going to travel, getting there and back is a big part of your journey.

Our desire is to help you make travel enjoyable by experiencing the best product whether it be a specific airline, aircraft, ground service or inflight service. Enjoy your trip!


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A holiday in Bali is planned taking JAL in first class again, one of my favorite all time flights. Hopefully they can repeat. A second JAL flight samples their new 777-200 business class seat, a reverse herringbone design similar to the Cirrus seat used by Cathay Pacific and others. Then KLM on it's fifth freedom flight down to Bali. The return is highly anticipated. Garuda Indonesia's new A330 business class seat which is the B/E Super Diamond is planned to arrive in Icheon for Delta's brand new A350 with enclosed suite flight back to the states. A series of lucky events got this Delta flight for the saver rate, not the current rate of 240,000 points! 

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